Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What is the C.M. Curatorial Mandate?

Here's a general answer to that question, in the form of a brief Curatorial Statement.

 Critical Mass will address community engagement and socially-aware contemporary visual art practices across a range of media and methods. We will tend to show work which has an emphasis on labour-intense and process-oriented methods. Humour and play are important to Critical Mass.  We are committed to serving the diversity of our region through programming which includes issues of gender and identity politics, our agricultural and industrial heritage, contemporary art practices of First Nations people, and more.

If and when we manage to become a bricks and mortar entity, with a permanent home, our goal is to have exhibition space, a multipurpose studio, and a prinmaking studio.  We have been offered the use of a Vandercook Universal III and a Heidelberg Windmill press as well as basic bindery equipment, and so printmaking, letterpress and book arts will likely become a significant component of our programming.

Until that prospect becomes a reality, we will pursue projects and exhibitions which use existing community resources, and which involve collaboration with a range of community stakeholders and groups.

Vandercook Universal III

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