Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vision and Mandate

We are a group of artists, curators and arts supporters who propose to create a new, not-for-profit centre for contemporary art in Northumberland County, a beautiful region one hour east of Toronto, Canada.

Critical Mass: a size, number or amount large enough to produce a particular result.
 <in socioeconomics: The critical mass of activity needed such that the rate of adoption becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth.>


Vision and Mandate

Critical Mass will be a not-for-profit nexus for the production, presentation and interpretation of contemporary art. Critical Mass will be located in an accessible, highly visible space in the Heritage Business District of Port Hope. Critical Mass will be a laboratory which will seek, initiate, develop and direct a spectrum of engaging activities, including contemporary art exhibitions, installation art, performance art, lectures and screenings, classes and workshops. Critical Mass will also provide artist studios, including a print studio, to visiting artists and for local artists through community membership and participation. Critical Mass will engage in a publication program to ensure creation of archival records of artistic activity in the facility, and to support the creation of artist books and ephemera. An innovative Artist in Residence program will provide an opportunity for New Generation Artists, as well as established Canadian and International artists to stay and work in Northumberland County for periods ranging from one to three months. Critical Mass will support artists’ rights through the payment of professional fees according to the CARFAC fee schedule. 

In the belief that arts are integral to community development, Critical Mass will be a catalyst for economic and cultural vitality in Northumberland County and the surrounding area.

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