Sunday, September 16, 2012

C.M. at Port Hope Fall Fair

Critical Mass Artists Disqualified (and proud of it!)

 Critical Mass artists contributed more than 50 entries to the Fall Fair, ranging from those which were proudly relegated to Refus√©s status (a small sampling below), to the traditional. Proving that artists can also be decent gardeners and cooks, I can report that Critical Mass members took a few prize ribbons for baking, preserving and vegetables. Our edible entries will be dropped off with David Sheffield of The Greenwood Coalition for distribution. If you don't know about this group, click on the link: they do important work to combat hunger and homelessness, and also run an interesting arts program for people "living on the fringe" in this community.

Critical Mass thanks the Judges and members of the Board of Directors of the Port Hope Fall Fair for so graciously welcoming our involvement. It took a true spirit of openness and adventure to allow artists to play within the context of a 182 year old tradition! We had a great time with this project, and judging from comments overheard, the laughter and the double-takes, so did the visitors.

Fiona Crangle, Butter Tarts: plate, doily and three tarts, 2012.  (Mixed media: Butter, paper, raisins)
DISQUALIFIED (reason for disqualification: unknown)

Janita Wiersma, Pickled Golf Balls, 2012 (Mixed media: golf balls, vinegar, spices, mason jar)
DISQUALIFIED (reason for disqualification: jar not properly sealed??)

 Wendy Lilly, Three Radishes, 2012 (felted wool)
DISQUALIFIED (reason for disqualification: not grown in a garden)

Judith Kreps Hawkins, Mother Hubbard's Squash, 2012 (dried Hubbard squash, zipper)
DISQUALIFIED (reason for disqualification: no seeds)

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